Links of interest

…and potential sources for Unit 1 innovations

Technology vs. “the public”


A new podcast about “innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists”

“Science writing, as it currently stands, is the sticky note that loses its ability to adhere to the walls of our minds, and more often than not, it flutters forgotten to the ground; literary arts is the thumbtack that will drive the message into the wall and keep it there. On and off through history, the two disciplines—as we now think of them—have had a troubled relationship.”–An essay on scientific and literary writing by Jamie Zvirdin

You can now ride in a self-driving Uber in Pittsburgh

“You’ve heard about how robocars are going to upend the economy. Have you thought about what they will do to urban space?”

“How Apple Sells Its Controlling Ways as Futurism”

….and Jeff Bezos’s new rocket


1 thought on “Links of interest”

  1. I think the title “Technology vs the Public” is interesting. The article is slanted to imply that this free wifi kiosk is a bad thing for the public, but what about the positive consequences? People, especially those of lower incomes who may not have wifi at home, could come and not only use the internet for productive applications, but could help each other and spread ideas around by physically talking to each other. If this behavior is happening, I think it would be a great service to have in today’s world where people are being attached by electronic means rather than in person.


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