VR, Intellectual Property and the Future That Hasn’t Happened

Mark Zuckerberg, in Suit, Testifies in Oculus Intellectual Property Trial

Not only does this headline feature a beautiful pun, it also relates to Liza Heinig’s ENGR lecture on intellectual property rights as they relate to technological innovation.

Also of interest here: “Mr. Zuckerberg also spent much of his time on the stand talking about his broader vision for virtual reality and how it has not arrived yet.” What do you think about this? What is keeping VR from becoming part of regular peoples’ regular lives, the way, say, Facebook has? What’s standing in the way? Why hasn’t it happened yet?

The article posits that a lot of VR’s problem is economic–on a broad scale: That FB was able to become so essential to regular people because of the mergers with other companies it made. Do you agree with this? Disagree? Why?




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