The Easiest, Funnest Way to Become a Better Writer

Read! You don’t have to do anything; if you read a lot, the English language gets into your brain by osmosis. I’m living proof. I never learned grammar in school. There are so many bonuses that come from reading more, aside from it making you a better writer. It’s fun; it gives you something interesting to talk about in job interviews; and most people don’t read much, and so when you can mention a book you’ve recently read, it’s impressive. Reading makes your inner life richer and more interesting, and your outer life, too, because you have more interesting things to say in conversation!

Here are some suggestions for books you might like:


1 thought on “The Easiest, Funnest Way to Become a Better Writer”

  1. Reading is definitely helpful. Besides, keeping on writing is also a useful way to improve. My middle school Chinese teacher used to request every student to keep on writing meaningful diaries (it is important to write meaningful pieces instead of just to write what you have done during that day). A lot of her students turned out to be organized writers. It is a shame that I stopped writing diaries after middle school. The three-year writing experience, however, still benefits until today.


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