Design for All (get your Unit 1 ideas here!)

This piece published yesterday in the New York Times, “How Design for One Turns Into Design for All,” by Michael Kimmelman, is a treasure trove of Unit 1 ideas. It’s also a fascinating discussion of the various stakeholders in the development of accessible daily items, from coats and shoes to medical wearables like hearing aids and prosthetic limbs. Kimmelman notes the growing interest in accessible clothing among broad groups of people:

You don’t have to have Parkinson’s or arthritis or a prosthetic hand to prefer magnets to buttons and snaps, or to like the idea, and look, of Velcro seams and zippered sleeves.

Kimmelman also suggests that the wide appeal of these items is because they’ve been developed by designers and people with disabilities–not engineers. What do you think about this?

Hands of X makes prosthetic hands for those who would like selecting prosthetics to be “unremarkable and at the same time an expression of personal identity,” writes Kimmelman.

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