The art…and science…of the presentation

I know, I know, giving a presentation isn't always pleasant.┬áBelieve me, I know. But I think there are ways to make doing it a lot more comfortable, and even enjoyable with not a little practice. If not for you, at least for your audience. Naturally, the Internet is filled with advice on how to present… Continue reading The art…and science…of the presentation



We (<- confidential to 2:15-3:05 class) were talking about distraction last week. Later (in 3/28) we'll hear Pete McEachen in ENGR--last semester he mentioned that engineers are merchants of peoples' attention. Which got me thinking: What ethical imperative do engineers have in this business of attention merchantry? Some cars' touchscreens don't work when they are… Continue reading Distraction

Links – ideas for innovations (Unit 1)

"Cool stuff fails"--Prof. Fountain. All successful innovations start with a customer NEED. The Design Evolution of Beer Can Openings (Core 77). I love this article because it discusses the development of a "design" that serves an obvious need. Makes me wonder what development is currently in progress in the service of better meeting this need.… Continue reading Links – ideas for innovations (Unit 1)

VR, Intellectual Property and the Future That Hasn’t Happened

Mark Zuckerberg, in Suit, Testifies in Oculus Intellectual Property Trial Not only does this headline feature a beautiful pun, it also relates to Liza Heinig's ENGR lecture on intellectual property rights as they relate to technological innovation, which we'll hear later this semester. Also of interest here: "Mr. Zuckerberg also spent much of his time… Continue reading VR, Intellectual Property and the Future That Hasn’t Happened

Contacting Our Representatives in Congress…by Phone

We talked about how "cheap" our online attention is. By that same metric, an awkward, yucky, hard-to-make-yourself-do phone call to senators and house representatives is expensive. Doing it shows how important whatever issue you're calling about is, because or else you wouldn't have done it. A phone call is powerful. Calling an officeholder is a… Continue reading Contacting Our Representatives in Congress…by Phone